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Multi-Plastics, Inc.

"We've worked with SynergyPro for years. They manage all our web hosting, and have done a great job customizing and optimizing our legacy accounting software to run on our current systems. As far as my confidence in their team goes, a few years back we acquired another company about the same size as ours ($100 million), and they led the integration of both information systems. Despite the problems and inefficiencies with the system then-used by the company we had acquired, we were up and running completely in just 44 days. I couldn't have been more pleased."
—John Parsio, Jr., Multi-Plastics, Inc.

Hickey and Associates CPAs, Inc.

"Our information technology systems are crucial to our operational effectiveness and profitability. When those systems are not running efficiently, we're losing money—it's that simple. We have worked with SynergyPro for more than six years now, and they have always provided the best and most responsive service, whether it's updating our legacy software to run on today's systems to hosting our email and other cloud-based systems. I fully recommend them."
—Mike Hickey, Hickey & Associates CPAs, Inc.


"I have been working in HR services for fourteen years, and today, everything is done electronically. As a non-technical person, I am so thankful that I have SynergyPro to count on. They helped me get my company online, and set up my server and other key systems. If there is ever a problem, they are there to fix it without hesitation. My company would not be where it is today without the help of SynergyPro."
—Kay Robinson, SourceHR

National Service Information, Inc.

"Our organization provides a paralegal service of searching out public records, mostly in the nation's court systems. Technology is obviously a key tool in helping us provide this service to our customers, and for ten years now SynergyPro has helped to keep it up and running. They developed a fast, efficient user experience that has kept our customers coming back, with high reliability and minimal downtime. They have always been responsive to our needs, and I would recommend SynergyPro without hesitation."
-Richard Dixon, National Service Information, Inc.

Insurance Agencies of Ohio, Inc.

"As manager here at Insurance Agencies of Ohio, I have a lot of different responsibilities. That includes our technology, which is crucial to our operation. We have worked with SynergyPro for a number of years; they installed and set up the systems we have in place now, and I can honestly say that their service, expertise and dedication makes my job much easier. SynergyPro has been vital to keeping our agency running smoothly and successfully."
—Paula Hamilton, Insurance Agencies of Ohio

Two Labs Pharma Services

"We have worked with SynergyPro for about five years now; they set up our current IT infrastructure and host our websites and web-based applications, as well as email. The reality is, it all works smoothly in the background. We rarely have problems, and if anything does come up, SynergyPro is on it instantly. Since I am in charge of seven or eight projects at any given time, this peace of mind makes my job much easier."
—David Ward, Two Labs Pharma Services

Berkheimer Tax Administrator, Inc.

"I am the director of real estate utility operations here at Berkheimer, which is a tax collection agency. Years ago, we needed help with our integrated billing system. It was outdated and set up solely to handle flat taxes. We needed it to manage variable amounts. Not only was SynergyPro able to completely rewrite the program to more efficiently meet our changing needs and run on today's computers, they taught our programmers how to maintain the database in-house and in a much more cost-effective manner."
-Dorothy Rodrigues, Berkheimer Tax Administrator, Inc.

Fire Protection Certification, Ltd.

"I have been training and certifying people to inspect and service fire protection equipment since 1985, and have always done business the old-fashioned way. We used SynergyPro to get our business online, so that we could post our courses and training schedules, and increase our visibility beyond our normal direct mail efforts. They host and optimized our site so that we can connect with and serve customers in a way that we haven't been able to before, from all over the world. SynergyPro continues to be a key part of the ongoing success of our business."
-Edward O'Brien, Fire Protection Certification, Ltd.

Barnes Tax & Advisory Services, LLC

"We are a small accounting firm, and don't really have the need for a full time IT person on staff. But the need for IT expertise is still there, and that's where SynergyPro comes in. We have worked with them for more than ten years. In that time, they have always been responsive to our calls and questions. Their broad expertise has been a true asset in resolving problems and making sure things run smoothly. They are a perfect fit for the small business environment."
—Matthew Barnes, Barnes Tax Service